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Shiatsu Thai Swedish

Im a female massage therapist. I educated at Maya academia massage therapy. This service does not include any sexual behaviours and it is for men and women. Foot reflexology, Shiatsu, thai, swedish massage.

Rates changes between 150 tl-200 tl according to massage you prefer.
swedish massage: 40-45 minutes, price:150 tl, excluding scalp, hands, and feet. 55-60 minutes, price: 180 tl icluding scalp, hands, feet.
Shiatsu: 55-60 minutes for 14 meridians in the body, price: 180 tl
Thai: according to your flexibility, it is like a passive yoga, 55-60 minutes, price:180 tl
Foot reflexology: for all the systems in the body, including nervous system, gastrointestinal system, endocrine system, and so on, 55-60 minutes for both left and right foot, price:180 tl

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Shiatsu Thai SwedishShiatsu Thai SwedishShiatsu Thai Swedish
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